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December 4, 2005


I got some unbeleivable shades of purple while dyeing yarn with kool-aid this weekend. You would never even guess they are from something that is meant to be a beverage.


Are they not crazy lovely? I am not even a purple person, yet am nonetheless enamored with the colors and variations in these skeins (especially the darker purple). They are for a Christmas gift, but I am tempted to keep them. Its recycled wool from a sweater (the creamy yellow one in this post), and there's about a sock's worth in each skein.

Kool-aid recipes: (keep in mind I started with cream-colored, not white, wool)

Light Purple: 4 packets Flavoraid grape, plus a shake of Berry Blue.

Dark Purple: Something like 14 packets of Flavoraid grape, plus one packet of blue. I kept the water near boiling, and the yarn absorbed all the dye this time.

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very pretty! it looks like they took the dye a bit striated. that should be so pretty for socks!

Sooooo pretty! Does it smell as good as it looks?

Very pretty!

gorgeous purple!! i'm not a purple person but sometimes, i do love them.

Very pretty! =)


i am definitely a purple person and i say they are GORGEOUS! knit us up a swatch, won't you?

Beautiful colors! Here the yarn looks like a ribbon, completely different than the first post.

I think that they'll make great socks!

They look great. I am always amazed at the colors you squeeze out of koolaid. You should strike up a deal with the koolaid people and market your colors!


Wow--nice and rich!

a girl after my own heart. What will you be making with these?!?

I like the pink one, but both are very lovely. Nice kool-aid dying =)

Well, I'm a purple person, so you can imagine how much I love those colors. They will make some wonderful socks.

Yummy. I especially like the darker one.


I lurk here frequently as your knitting inspires me. I am quite the novice at this point. I'm curious though...does something knitted with Koolaid-dyed yarn keep its color wash after wash or does it fade quite a bit? Susan

You know, purple looks very pretty with green.

Congratulations!! You made beautiful yarn! This is going to be very fun to knit with...I'm curious to see it knit up, hope you post F.O. pics of it relatively soon. =)

Oooh, I love how you always get these strong, saturated colors with Kool-aid - very pretty!

Very pretty. Maybe it will look a little heathery when it's knit up. What are they going to be?

Very cool colors!! I've got some KnitPicks at home waiting to be dyed - you're making me want to hurry and get it done!

I am definitely a purple person, and I think they are gorgeous!!


That's beautiful!! I love the colour purple. What yarn did you use?

Those are amazing colors, very vintagey to me. I just dyed yarn for the first time last week but wish my colors came out more like yours. Mine are so technicolor it almost hurts to look.



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