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November 28, 2005

Hello, Turkish cast on

Turkish cast on*, I am so sorry for having neglected you in the past. Purly and Anna both mentioned your greatness in entries past. You just looked rather complicated, and I was busy running. Had I known you were such a superior knitting technique, I certainly would not have delayed in learning your secrets. Because you produce such. nice. toes. I may be unable to go back to regular toe knitting.


I planned two new pairs of socks. and dyed up some sock yarn. I couldn't decide what colors to dye this yarn, so in an ultimately quite nerdy move, I dyed them Christmas colors.

The red is destined to be a pair of Elfine socks, which I hope will look pointsetta-ish. The green is going to be Cascading Leaves socks (pattern available by joining the Townsend Socks KAL Yahoo group).

The beauty of this plan is that apart the socks don't connote Christmas necessarily, but together they do. What can I say... the Christmas season is known to provoke seasonal knitting. At least I kept the red and green in separate skeins.


Kool aid recipes:

Red: 5 packets Flavoraid Cherry, 4 Kool-aid Black Cherry, 5 Kool-aid Grape Illusion, 1 Kool-aid orange, 5 Kool-aid Cherry, 1 Kool-aid Wild Watermelon Kiwi (green). This was a way saturated solution, and the yarn did not absorb all the color.

Green: like 11 packets green (some Flavoraid, some Kool-aid), 1 Kool-aid Grape. This was all the green I had on hand. I was taking no chances with muted green. The yarn pretty much absorbed all the color.

* the Turkish cast on method can be found in the Fall 2005 Vogue Knitting, or on this internet tutorial. I followed the directions from Vogue, and found that this can indeed be used with magic loop. This makes me happy because using two circs for one sock just seems excessive.

Comments (18)

I love those colors! Together or apart :). I may have to try that cast on sometime, too, after all the raving!

Very clever! Poinsettas and holly, nice! You should wear one of each on Christmas. ;)

I have to check that tutorial out and see how it compares to the figure 8 toe.

looks great!! i have some coral color yarns i want to make elfine, too. just waiting for the needles. i'm a bit confused as to how to do the m1. that has been the impeding steps for me to try this CO method. but, i'll def. try.

lovely toe!

those are beautiful colors you've concocted with your koolaid.


Fantastic colours!

And I really have to try the Turkish cast on - the toe looks lovely.

That red is so lush and gorgeous! Go you with your Kool Aid! You're truly achieving some beautiful colors. I love that you share your color recipes with us. I think I may have to try some of them out some day soon. The toe is lovely, too. That's another thing I have to try out soon for myself - the Turkish cast-on. Very cool!

Very pretty colors! The toe definitely looks super neat.

Oooh, yummy. I love the Christmas colors - you got lovely saturated colors with your kool aid. I have some yarn to dye and I think I'll try your recipes. I've been meaning to try the Turkish cast-on, but haven't found the time. Sounds like I'm going to have to make time.

I just did my first Turkish Cast on too... and also for the Elfine Socks... I'm thinkin' great minds think alike.

Love your kool-aid colors - and even more that you gave the "recipe" for each color!

Isn't the turkish cast-on the best ever! I'm so glad you tried it out. And pretty yarn!


Hi, Diana. What pattern are you using to knit toe-up, or are you using a pattern? I'd like to try the turkish cast-on and toe-up socks (especially since I just wasted a whole bunch of Koigu because I was afraid of running out!).

Wow, you've been busy! Thanks for the Turkish cast-on tip, that does look like one fabulous toe!


it is indeed an excellent technique- I love the richness of your red yarn- and your pattern selections too- they're both patterns I've enjoyed knitting.

Wow - that yarn makes me want to go out and do some Xmas shopping!! It's great! Your Demi is coming along VERY nicely too...


I just love the Turkish cast on. Still haven't figured out the short row heels to my satisfaction, but 'cause I love the toe so much, I've now got 4 socks ready to turn the heel. It's such a simple, easy technique with great results.

You're getting such great shades with KoolAid! Have you tried any Wiltons cake dye? They've been better for me than KoolAid - plus they don't have a lingering smell. Not that there's anything wrong with having fruitalicious feet or anything. ;)

I got the turkish cast-on to work, but I am not sure how to use it in a pattern for socks...how many should I cast on to start and then do I just increase? Help!!!

jackie lopez:

How do I subscribe? I am totally in love with your site. Those socks are so beautiful I almost started crying.



diana AT streetsandyos DOT com