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April 30, 2009


While tracking down fabrics for wedding projects, I ended up with a couple duds. Fabrics ordered online turned out not to fit in with the color scheme once I saw them in person. I ordered a couple 3-yard pieces that looked like they might be a nice golden yellow, only to arrive quite orangey. oh dear. What to do with extra yardage of not-quite-right fabrics? Pajama pants, yes.


Following Heather Ross' pattern Pajama Pants for Everyone from Weekend Sewing, I sewed up these two pairs of pants appropriately, on the weekend. One pair for me, one for Brian.

The pattern is great. I thought for sure the pants would be too big as the cut pieces were humongous. I used 1/2" seam allowances rather than 3/8" to make them a bit smaller. Mine are size M and Brian's are size L. There is a lot of extra length built into the pattern. On the size large pants, after cutting the fabric 3 inches shorter than the pattern, I hemmed up another 3 1/2 inches. and Brian is 6 feet tall. I bet you can make pants for a 7-foot tall person with this pattern!

I added a couple details to these pants. One, a little fabric loop to mark the back of the pants and allow them to hang on hooks.


And topstiching. There's something about topstiching.. I want to put it everywhere. Typically, you can only put topstitching either on the inseam or outer seam of pant legs. Doing both just doesn't work.. it is too hard to get the other side through the sewing machine once the leg is sewn up. Jeans usually have the topstiching on the inseam. For my pajama pants, I managed to do the stitching on both sides of the leg. Who knows why I decided to do this, its not a necessary thing on pajama pants. The legs are wide enough to barely make it through the sewing machine. On Brian's pants, I topstitched the inseam and about 12 inches at to top of the outer seam.

topstitching on the outer pant leg

For future pants (or maybe an upgrade for these), a back pocket has been requested.

You know what? Pajama pants are extra comfy when you make them yourself. And matching pants for fiances - oh yeah. Anyone else planning on sewing these?

These fabrics are from Windham's Cheddar and Poison Green Collection.

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You're so crazy, trying to get top-stitching on both the inside and outside seams, haha!


they turned out great. i love the fabrics - glad you found a use for them since they won't work for your wedding projects. and yes, pockets would be perfect!

So, I wasn't planning on sewing pajama pants anytime soon, but I definitely want to now. Those are fabulous.

I love those pants. I made a whole bunch of them for Christmas gifts a few years back and made some in flannel for myself. They need a little mending now, but I've been thinking about some capri length ones for summer. I love the fabric loop on the back - great addition.

Those are really awesome! So are the great bags from your last post.

What a sunny color! Lovely pyjamas :)

they look great. pj pants are on the to do list for this summer!


Beautiful pants! I love the colors. I think I need to make some! (I've already made Rob 5 pairs of pajama pants... I don't think he needs anymore!)

they are so awesome! love matching pjs :)

You've inspired me to go looking for a pajama pant pattern and sew some up from my fabric stash - thanks!

I love the pants! Matchy but not totally matching is perfect. I want to go sew some up now.

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