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April 11, 2006

The sweater in question

So here's the modeled Sweater with Wide Collar.. it is mostly seamed but (obviously) no sleeves yet.


Its the size small, followed the directions exactly as written in Rebecca. I didn't do any sort of calculations, so any non-fitting is my own fault.

I can't decide what I think about it. Its not the most fitted sweater ever, but maybe this is okay. There is the whole sweater with volume thing going on. And perhaps it will be better with sleeves?

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sure, it could be a little tighter, BUT i LOVE the way it looks on you. I think it's the neckline and the color is so flattering on you


I think it looks really nice! The color is great and the sweater doesn't look too big to me. The neckline looks fantastic too. I tihnk you should stick with it!

Diana, I think it looks great (even as a vest!). Try to picture it with more wintery layers underneath, ie. long sleeve shirts. I think you'll be happy for the ease then. Also, I'm sure you didn't mess up the pattern, I bet the Rebecca people binder-clipped the crap out of the back. By the way, you've inspired me to start my own, I finally ordered the magazine yesterday!

I think the sleeves will make a big difference, because the only spots that look odd/baggy are by the armholes. Keep going!

Are you going to make sleeves for it? it looks kinda cool without. But i would personally get more use from it if it had sleeves.
But that's just me.


I like the way the sweater looks on you. Great for summer. Maybe add sleeves for fall. How about detachable sleeves? heh.

I could see this sweater with less ease, but I think it looks great with a little room, too. I agree with Chris who said that once you add the sleeves in, that will take away a little bit of the roominess. I definitely think this sweater looks great on you and you should keep it.

Even though the sweater isn't fitted, it looks *soooooo* good on you!


Rebecca patterns have a tendency not be specific enough when it comes to gauge and needles sizes. Nonetheless, I think the looser fit will look better to you with sleeves. I think it looks good.

I definitely think you should keep going with it too. The ease will work if you have thicker layers under. And I agree with the others, the color is great and once the sleeves are on, it will look fab!


I think it looks fine so far. The sleeves will make a huge difference and I think you'll be a lot happier with it once they're on. I love the collar on it.

I think it's beautiful, but you should add the sleeves! A very nice model!


I think it looks great. The neutral color will go with everything. I agree that it's kind of cool with no sleeves, but I think it will look even better with them. Can't wait to see it finished!


Actually, I like it as is- I think sleeves would add to the feeling of bulk. But as a vest it's really nice.


I think it's pretty cute. Sleeves might help weigh down the ripples around the armhole.

yeah, i kind of like it as a vest, believe it or not :) it's got a really beautiful neckline.

i think it looks great. very chic and comfortable. definitely keep going, you'll love it come winter time!!

I adore the color and the style. It is very flattering. I think the fit is ok. It looks a little bigger than what you normally knit, especially around the bust/armhole area, but it definitely isn't sloppy. Plus, sleeves will make a difference, as will blocking.

the sleeves will take away any ill-fitting aura i'm sure. i like how it looks.

Well, in the Rebecca mag, this sweater seems to be floating on the model, like a little cloud. Gotta love the Soft Kid... I think for that effect, you need a garment that's not *too* fitted. But are you using Soft Kid?

I think it looks really good. I never feel comfortable in really fitted tops. Love the collar too.

Oh I think this looks great on you!

i rather like it without sleeves.


I actually quite like it as is! I think it's very flattering.

I think it's really cute, you're so tiny anyways that I can imagine lots of things look big on you. It might look a lot different with the sleeves though, definitely different than Adele's...what did she do to hers??

I think the additional sleeves should help with the floppy underarm regions. But ultimately, it's up to you. If your gut instincts tell you it's not working out, then just go with it. It IS your sweater afterall.. and if you don't like it in the end, you're not going to wear it as much. That's my 2-cents.

I love that pattern. It is not "fitted" on you...but I like it. It's even nice without sleeves...

Hi from Austria! I think this sweater looks fantastic - even without the sleeves - and it suits you so well, not too big at all, just very comfy! But then again, when you've added the sleeves, you'll see that especially the wider parts under the arms will fit even better - looking forward to seeing the FO-pics then! Great work done nonetheless!


wear it with a wonderbra!

It's so very cute!! Great job!


Looks great! True, it's not super-fitted on you, but I think it will still make a nice sweater. The collar is beautiful.


I love them the way they are now. Can't you just crochet the armholes to neaten them a bit and consider the project done?


I love yours! It's just beautiful color and you have done wonderfully!! I had also done this sweater last year but I'm now excited in knitting it with original yarn.



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