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April 19, 2006


All day yesterday I wore these socks that kept falling down. I think this must have inspired a recent elastification of knit goods...

The first victim was a finished sockpal sock.


The sock is a 3x1 rib throughout, then about 1 inch at the cuff is 1x1 rib, worked in solid red yarn. It took like 4 tries to bind off this sock.. I used the tubular cast-off, but it kept turning out not quite right. Then, it seemed like they'd get out of shape very quickly, so added some elastic.


The elastic is actually sold as jewlery cord. Its quasi-clear, and stretchy. I threaded it through one side of every knit stitch. And it does help! Its not too tight... just enough to keep the cuff in shape. If its totally annoying for my sockpal, the elastic is removable.

Then, I figured my knee socks could use the same treatment. They are totally not falling down.


Finally, and the reason I bought the elastic in the first place, my legwarmers. These are one of favorite knit projects, but the only time I tried to wear them, they fell down before I even got to the subway. Shouldn't happen now that they are elastified!


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holy elastification! so, do you do one row of elastic, tie it off, then do another? or do you spiral it up?


Elastic...Thread of the gods. Also, thread of the knitters. Coincidence? I think not.

very nice! funny how your sockpal yarn looks just like my str. maybe next time Ill ask you to dye some yarn for me ; )

The Rural Elastification Project - bringing elastic to needy homes everywhere...

i have loads of that elastic stuff, from beading. never thought of putting it in my knitting stash though. what a good idea

in fact I have a tangle of it in hot pink someplace...

How funny! So did you just thread it through and then knot it?

hehe, love that word - elastified! Great idea, enjoy all your socks which now stay up!

So do you wear your legwarmers a lot now that they are elastified?

Genius. Thin enough not to be annoying, but does the trick. And I really must knit some legwarmers.


Bead elastic - what a great idea! Does the end poke? How do you take care of the ends? We are clamoring to know!

Sweet! Thanks for the tip...Ill try it when I start knitting socks!


Yay! You've inspired me to go and elastify my handknit knee socks. I have the elastic. I just haven't done it. I think I have bad connotations associated with my mom sewing elastic into her handknits like that during the 80's, only she would put them in the waistband to make it snug and then the body would pooch out all over, over the top of it. YUCK!
But if you say it works on your socks, I'm doin' it!

thanks for the elastic tip. I have this problem with my leg warmers. where can one get this elastic/ jewlery cord?

Very cool elastic tip, think I'm going to have to try it on my next pair. BTW, I love the site you designed for Yahaira.


Wow! nice job with all that elastic. I am new to sock knitting so I had asked around a bit and thought it was only for cotton...now I know better. They look snug and perfect!

Glad to see someone else out there is wearing legwarmers with toasty-warm pride!



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