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November 19, 2005

Bobble Options

Before taking the leap into demi bobble-dom, I had to do a little testing.

11 bobbles, all 3, 4, or 5 stiches in width, differing in execution in various subtle ways:


The patten calls for a 5-stitch bobble, seen on the far right in my bobble test swatch. However, in the model images, these bobbles appear quite large.

Knowing that bobble size is inversely proportional to the likelihood of me wearing Demi, I set out to choose one *just large enough* to hold its own in the pattern.

The winner was a three stitch bobble (4th from the right above):
row 1: knit into the front, back, and front of the next stitch.
row 2: turn, and purl across the three stitches
row 3: turn, and slip 2 stitches together as if to k2tog, knit the the 3rd stitch, pass the first two stitches over the third. bobble created.

Its working quite well.


I am really getting into knitting Demi.. although it requires my full attention and doesn't allow any distractions like TV watching or conversations. This sweater is going to take awhile, but I think it will be a good time.

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Looks good! Your bobbles are excellently proportioned. I think you gave this a lot more thought than I did. Now I wish I'd experimented a little more. Bobble angst...it's the worst kind.

Looks good so far. I would definitely have a problem with that sweater if the bobbles were to big. I'm glad you found the right size.


The 3-stitch bobble is so much nicer, much more delicate too. Your Demi progress looks great, maybe I should go hunt down the book too.

After seeing yours and Elli's bobbles, I'm definitely going for the 3 stitch bobble. It's big enough, but tiny enough to stay put. My biggest worry with the big ones is them stretching out and looking all funny. Good work, D!

The bobbles look great. The ones Rowan used were really too big, yours are much better proportioned.


aww, i love that little bobble swatch! you should frame it!

demi is looking beautiful as well!

This is such a great looking sweater. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Fabulous so far!!!

It looks so good! What a great sweater. I love that fuzzy yarn.

Lord, lady, you're smart. I totally love the change in bobble size. Great idea.

Absolutely brilliant. The 3-stitch looks perfect. Good idea to test different sizes. And the yarn is lovely - the tweediness is great.



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