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June 7, 2005

One Skein Wonder

This was such a quick knit that I didn't even have a chance to write about its progress!



Its Glampyre's One Skein Wonder. I used size 7 needles and a yarn that got 4.5spi instead of the called-for 4spi. Before casting on, I spent a good week worrying about not having the correct gauge. When I finally sat down with the pattern and a calculator, it became quite clear that I could just make a larger size. no problem! silly.


The yarn is Cascade 220. This hank has a history. It started out white, purchased last spring while I considered a crochet edge on my very first scarf. That was an ill-fated idea, and months later it began again as The Thing. The Thing wasn't really my thing, but luckily, along came Kool-aid dyeing! As it turns out, this yarn was meant to be green.

This is my favorite thing about hand dyed yarn, the subtle variations in color depth.


The Kool-aid recipe: 7 packets Lemon-lime, 1 packet Lemonade, 2 packets Wild Watermelon Kiwi (also green), 1 packet Grape. The grape helps to tone down the neon green for a more reasonable color.

This was a total of 11 packets for 100g of yarn, way more than any Kool-aid dyeing article recommends (I've heard 1 packet per ounce). Its quite possible this same color can be acheived with less Kool-aid. I got a little concerned while dyeing it and poured in like 4 extra packets of green and the yellow. Just to be on the safe side.

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That turned out awesome! I have it in the plans too, but I can't seem to find the perfect yarn, oh, but will. You have inspired me to make it now!

Okay, so maybe it was a bit more Kool-Aide than most recipes recommend, but the extra buck was well worth it! Nothing neon about that shrug! Great job!

WOW! I love your Koolaid yarn dying. I wish it were sold here in Australia, i'd so love to give it a go.
The one skein wonder looks fab, i've been considering buying the pattern and you've just made up my mind for me, thanks.

The shrug looks really cute on you, and I love the shade of green that you came up with.


beautiful! love the colour and it looks great with your pink shirt as well.

Ok. I'm so gonna do this too, even if I'm almost sure it would not fit me. I can always give it to my little sister. Yours is soooo pretty! :-)

Yarn looks GREAT, just like the shrug.

There's a really easy trick for adjusting stitch gauge. Do you know it?

So cute! I love this one skein wonder thing...but I would look like a big loser in it. Good for gifts...maybe I should make one! Love the colour of the yarn! I am so glad to see something koolaid dyed made up. Does the colour fade with wash?


It's cute! I love the color you created for the yarn.

that's so cute! the green is lovely, i think this pattern produces the most lovely shrug in any color/yarn! you did a great job!

I love it! The yarn and the shrug both turned out lovely. Looks very cute on you too :)

Take care.

very cute!

Wow it looks great! I do like how it has subtle changes in color.


Love the dying! THat is the perfect shade of green and it looks great on you!


The shrug looks great! And I love how the yarn turned out. That's a wonderful shade of green. You're inspiring me to try my hand at Kool Aid dyeing again.

You're fast becoming an expert on kool-aid dyeing and that green is fabulous! I love the pattern, it might be just the thing for chilly office mornings.

It looks PERFECT! What a fantastic green you got with KA!

both projects turned out great! yarn dyeing and the one-skein wonder. i started mine yesterday and will be finished today. it's really quick.

So cute! It's the perfect shade of green!

Absolutely adorable! I love the dye job too!

This is such a cute pattern...and looks adorable on you too!

Cute, I love the color!

Your one skein wonder is great! Love the color. You are tempting me so much down the path of kool aid dyeing.


Too cute! I'm almost finished with one that I've been working on the sly too. You look so good in green......I'm jealous!

Super cute. LOVE the green...esp. with the pink polo! :)


The yarn colour is divine. I'm a huge fan of green and must try and replicate it sometime. Thanks for the info on what you used.


i LOVE the color! it's subtle enough to not be distracting, but enough change to actually look like it was hand dyed.

btw, i have had the same experience with kool aide (needing more than most recipes say). i thought it was just me!

that color came out extremely successful to my taste. Green is my absolute favorite color - and that shade is glorious!! I found your blog when I googled "one skein wonder" - because I started mine today. No pics in my blog of it yet, but will come. Now seeing how great yours turned out makes me wanna speed up those needles! Thanks for sharing!


Looks lovely. I'm still searching my stash for something to make this from, it seems too small an amount of yarn to go out and buy.

I also get nervous and end up dumping in more Kool Aid than I need, but intense colour is better, I think. Your green is wonderful.


I love your one-skein-wonder -- great color! This pattern is sweeping the blog-sphere and looks great in all its variations.



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