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March 17, 2005

Rebecca Wrap Complete

Its done! I do hope I still find this sweater comfortable and wearable once warmer weather hits. Yes, this picture is strikingly similar to the one from a few days ago.. but check out the side ties!


Side view

Yarn: GGH Soft Kid in this slate blue color. I used nearly all of 4 skeins for the smaller size.
Gauge: 18sts/4", on size 7 needles.
Pattern Modifications: No neck finishing (yet), relocated side seam opening.

Some Technical Notes:

1. Neck Edging. I didn't end up doing the neck edging. I tried it, picking up stitches around the neck and binding them off per the pattern. It looked very nice, but instantly made the sweater uncomfortable. I even tried binding off with size 10 needles. still too tight. Maybe will try a crochet edging at some point. but for now, I am down with how the neck edge looks.

2. Side Seams. I used embroidery floss to sew the seams. I imagine this is much smoother than the mohair. The pattern says to leave an opening 15cm up for the longer side tie to thread through. This was waaay too high. Maybe it was a typo and they meant 5cm?? I ended up with the opening about 3 inches from the hem.

That's it! This was a pretty straightforward knit, finished in about a week and a half. Working with mohair was interesting. Its very delicate and airy.

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It's CUTE! Love the color. You're so quick!

Looks great on you! I appreciate the clearly written and laid out technical tips. I'll be thinking about these points when I get back to finishing my version!

It looks beautiful! Great color, great work - and thanks so much for the technical tips and photos. I'm about to start mine and I know they'll come in handy. Oh - and I love your Hourglass sweater too!

very feminine! I am struggling to finish mine. Due to a math error I accidentally made mine longer... but not TOO long, I hope. It took me about an hour to set in a sleeve last night. Might be next summer before I finish it!

Very cute! You did a great job! Love the colour too.

Oh, and nice belt also! :)


Looks great! (And I'm coveting your belt too.)

That's awesome! I've seen a lot of mentions of this sweater, but nothing that made me want to knit one - until now. Looks great!

Wow, what a great little sweater - it looks great with that belt, too! And I mucho like the hourglass sweater too. Happy Knitting!

wow, it looks great! love the color and how it looks with a tee. very cool!

I love it! I'm planning to make one too, just in time for spring. Great job!

Looks great! You'll get a lot of use out of that this spring. And isn't the Soft Kid just a dream to work with? I worked with it for the first time this weekend (made a capelet) and am in love,...



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