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March 2, 2010

Morning spins (and current knits)


On these cold winter weekends, its so lovely to spin during the day, warm inside with natural sunlight coming in. During the week, though, spinning doesn't have the same appeal. In my apartment, it seems there is simply not enough light to spin at night. I suppose I could get a better light. but instead, I am trying out a new routine.. wake up a bit early, get completely ready for work, brew some coffee, then spin for awhile. Depending on how early I get up and how fast I get ready, there is anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to spin in the morning light. Extra sunlight time is welcome on these lengthening winter days.

This leaves evenings open for other things, including knits...


Here's the beginning of a pair of fingerless gloves. The yarn is Spirit Trail Fiberworks Paivatar, and its amazing, with super crisp stitch definition. I'd like to spin a yarn just like it. These are going to be half-finger gloves, with a flapover mitten top.


Also in progress is the start of a sweater, Kerrera, in Berocco Peruvia. I meant to use this yarn on the Tilted Duster sweater, which I've had in my queue basically ever since the pattern was published in the Fall 2007 Interweave. But, as it turns out, I am not super interested in knitting it anymore. Kerrera, however, seems fresh and new and the yarn should work. So far, just past the bottom border.

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what a great idea! I need to work on that whole "morning person" thing first though...

That yellow yarn is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the end result.
You've got me thinking about waking up earlier. I already wake up pretty early. But what a great time to get a few things done, even if it's just knitting a few stitches.

I love Jennifer's Spirit Trail yarns. This colorway is beautiful! She does lovely work... I am planning to start a shawl in one of the yarns I bought at MDSW last year.

Love those early mornings - I am an early riser, and those are some of the best hours of the day :)

I need to bring my spinning wheel back upstairs. It's too dark in my craft room in the mornings (and too cold) for me to spin down there. I think if I could be productive first thing in the morning my whole day might be better. When I go home tonight I'm going to look through my fiber and see if there's anything in there I might want to work the kinks out on. You never know...

What a lovely way to wake up!

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