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February 12, 2010

anemoi redux


once upon a winter 2007, or thereabouts, I set out to knit eunny jang's anemoi mittens. some knitter gauge error occurred, and one mitten turned out smaller than the other. I decided a solution might be to felt the larger mitten and shrink it down a bit to match the other one.

as you might suspect, it was an ill-fated plan. the mitten didn't shrink, but the colors bled and now the white areas looked vaguely tea-stained. only on that one mitten. fail. I called it a day tossed them into the box of winter accessories.

cut to the present. my current mittens are out of commission due to a growing hole in the thumb. I grabbed the anemoi's, and they finally see some time outside.

I was pleasantly surprised to find they are super warm. I must be the last one on the boat of fair-isle hand wear fans. for anyone out there who hasn't got the memo: fair isle mittens = the ultimate in winter hand comfort. (also, handspun = awesome)

turns out the difference in sizes doesn't bother me. alas, they were still different colors.

nothing a little dye can't fix.


hello, navyblack mittens.


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Whoa! Quite a change! I like them, and they won't show dirt as well. :o)

So pretty! I love the blue.

Great Save!! The anemoi mittens are such a wonderful pattern that I am glad you were finally able to enjoy them. I have some adjusting to do on mine as well but since I live in California there is really no hurry...LOL! But at least I know if my attempt at felting goes bad I still have dye to save me :O)

What a great solution! I think they look lovely.

ooOOOOOoooO! They look really nice!

And don't worry - I'm definitely the last one on the fair-isle handwarmer bandwagon. Still in the consideration phase I guess. Although, you make several good points about comfort and warmth. Perhaps I should move into pattern-consideration phase.

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