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November 10, 2008

Recovering Ikea Chairs

Hello, anyone who might still be subscribed to this feed. Hows it going? I am going to start blogging again over here at streets and yos. without making any lofty promises about daily or weekly updates, lets give it a go.. starting with a recent sewing project, recovering my boyfriend's old ikea poang chairs.


For about a year, these two chairs have sat in my living room, looking ok but not stellar. They are two 15-year-old ikea poang chairs, still in great condition but for the covers, which were faded and out of shape. When bf and I combined households, I said, sure, bring the chairs, they are comfy and I can certainly make covers for them.


It took me awhile to get around to them. The redo over at habitual was a great inspiration.

To make these covers, I copied the old ones. I first examined one and took dimensions. Since they are basically a long rectangle, its not too hard. I didn't have enough fabric to do the front and back solidly, so I added some spare ivory fabric to the back.

The back is made up of several pieces with two zippers.


My zipper sewing left something to be desired.. looks okay in this photo, but in real life, no. Luckily noone will ever see this while the chairs are in use. There are two zippers and a couple rows of stitching in between.


The front is actually quilted - it is made up of a sandwich outer fabric, batting, and muslin. I don't have a walking foot for my sewing machine, which is recommended for sewing this sort of thing. So I used spray glue to attach the layers, then sewed the 4 vertical lines while holding the fabric taut. I was amazed that this worked.

With the addition of a fuzzy blanket, its a great cat spot.


Fabric: 5 yards from Amy Butler's Nigella Collection, purchased at quilthome.com

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That is a great job you did! Gives me some ideas... :)

Oooo - very happy at the prospect of reading your blog again :)

welcome back!!

The chair looks great! Love the fabric. Love the exposed brick wall too.

yay you're back! chairs look awesome, btw. a great improvement from the drab ikea covers.


welcome back! the chair is awesome, and so is that exposed brick wall!


You're back, woo!

Welcome back! I love the pattern in the first photo.

So happy that you have posted again! I've long held on to my subscription to your blog hoping you'd come back. Thanks for all the good archives, and welcome back. PS the chair project is awesome - I really need to cover the old pillow on my same old chair.

W00t, you're back!

OMG. I thought for sure bloglines was just acting up. Nice to have you back! Chair cover looks very pro.

Yup, we're still here! Lovely chair upholstering and congrats on moving in with your bf :)


woohoo! You're back! And the chair looks fab!

What an amazing idea!

Welcome back! That is jaw-droppingly inspiring, even if it is just a big square.

Missed you!

Love the chair covers - my cats fight over the Poang chair.


Still here. And glad to see you're back.

Yay, so happy to see you post again! :-)


Ah, weird, I was just searching your blog yesterday because I am currently working on a Demi and I remembered you made a gorgeous one and wanted to see if you had made any modifications. Then I was wondering where you'd gone because I so enjoyed your blog. Anyway, welcome back and the seat covers look awesome!

Nice fabric choice! The "new" chair looks great.

i'm still here with you. the chair looks great!!

Welcome back! Fabulous chair!

That fabric is fabulous! You did a fantastic job...can't wait to see your knits again!

yay! welcome back! i was hoping you'd start blogging again someday.

and yes, what an improvement, the chairs look great!

Welcome back!! You were missed. Thanks for the inspiration too as I too need to revamp my Poang chair!


Welcome back!

Great post to start blogging with. The chairs are definitely much better looking!

Look at all the readers you still have! Fabulous. And the chair cover is wonderful - I really like that fabric.

HEY! Welcome back! My poang chair cover looks like crap too! Thanks for the inspiration because I was about to throw mine out!


Happy to see you back again! I don't think I've commented before... but... hello.

I too have a poang chair which is really showing its age - thanks for the inspiration to revitalise it. It doesn't look too hard even for a remedial sewer like myself,and I love your Amy Butler fabric. Yay.

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Thank you so much! I was doubting I could sew a new cover for my pello chair, but this is an inspiration! Will be bustin it out this weekend!


Gorgeous! Just found your blog and love your sewing projects. This one in particular is a great inspiration. Thanks for sharing!


Do you have a tutorial if so could you please email it to me so I can have someone make these or how much would you charge to make some covers for me?


Do you have a tutorial if so could you please email it to me so I can have someone make these or how much would you charge to make some covers for me?

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