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February 27, 2006

signal flare scarf

Tonight, while watching the finale of Lost (season 1, that is. I am way behind. holy, that show is intense. don't tell me whats going on in this season. not ready yet), I cast on and started a scarf.


The colors vary from orange to red to maroon and are very bright. Maybe not so bright as the photo, but close. Its like a signal flare.

I dyed the yarn a couple months ago. Unconvinced that true red can be had from drink mix, I left the partially-dyed yarn steaming for some time in a heavy mixture. Only parts of the skein actually touched the water, and that's where it got very red.


Its wool, knit together with some madil kid seta in the so-called scarf pattern. Absolutely unlike my normal color choices, but I must say, I do like it.

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Oh I like that! That's definitely one on my list of *to do's*

I love that color even if it was unintentional. Lost is definitely intense. I'm not past season 1 yet either. During the superbowl, my boyfriend and I would turn away and starting singing to when the commercials for Lost would come on. It was pretty funny. Can't wait to for season 2 to come out on dvd. I only wish it would before the next season started so you can be all caught up.

i love that colour! just gorgeous.

that scarf is actually on my to-do list. the yarn is just sitting here waiting for me to get to it.


I love the dye job, the scarf is turning out great.

I love the color!!! And that pattern :)
Cant wait to see the finished product

I love, love, LOVE that color!!!!!

I love, love, LOVE that color!!!!!

Not my usual colors, either, but wow, I sure like the intensity - very much the anti-winter blahs scarf!

Gorgeous. Red is one of my favorites and that scarf will be fabulous on you. And Lost, yep - very intense. And it gets kind of weird, but in a good way.

It's very pretty, Diana! =)

Those colors are gorgeous! Did you use drink mix, really? Wow!

woah bright! it'll be a great accent (flare?) to your sweater arsenal.

i'm stashbusting with a little my-so-called hooplah. great to get lost in the rhythm of that stitch pattern, isn't it?

Verry pretty! That is a great color of red. Well done.

Hi, I've just joined a knit-along with Eunny's Argyle vest. We'll start tomorrow (March 1), so you're very welcome to join us!!

Since I am all about safety, I feel much better with you wearing that. We can always find you. ;-)


I'm a firm believer that one can never have too much red in one's clothing !
This scarf will be outstanding!! True red is so difficult to dye. Great job!

Love the scarf! That pattern is one of my favorites, and I have a backlog of yarn in the stash to knit it over and over and over...


I think its beautiful! I don't really wear red, but think that a nice piece like this is a great compliment to anyone's wardrobe :)



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