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November 9, 2005

Sleeve One

I started on a sleeve for Demi. I began with this because, well, its less daunting than the front or back.

If you follow the pattern stitch for stitch, the edge stitches create a garter border. I much prefer seaming slipped stitches, so I slipped the first and last stitches on the WS purlwise. On the RS, I knit these stiches (the pattern says to purl them I think). This shouldn't affect anything, because these stitches are going to be in the seams anyway!


I am making the XS size Demi, which is a 36" sweater. And if it turns out smaller, that's cool too. I went down a needle size to get gauge, to 7s.

There sure is a lot of knitting and purling through the back loops in this pattern. Its a 1x1 twisted rib, where the knit stitches are knit through the back loop on the RS, and then on the WS, the same stitches (now purls) are purled through the back loops. Not sure if this is serving a purpose. It does mean that the WS is softer because the knit stitches aren't all twisty.

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CONGRATULATIONS on your marathon finish (and improvement over last year's time)! That is fantastic.

I started socks the day after the marathon too - must be something about comforting the tired feet?

Wait!! D, you're such a fast knitter, and I don't even have my yarn yet. I'm behind already and I haven't even started! (Your sleeve does look nice tho.)

Well, it may just be brown twisted ribbing, but it looks lovely.

It looks great. I agree on the slipped stitch v. garter stitch - seaming will be much easier w/ the slipped stitch.

That is how I always do 1x1 ribbing. It makes the Ks crisper so that they pop rather than splaying out. I did my whole Shedir hat that way if you want to see how it looks in the end.


I'm just taking comfort in knowing that they could have written the pattern with all the stiches twisted...but they didn't. It's the little things that count.


I haven't reached the bobble section yet, but I tried a couple out and I think I agree with you...I'm leaning toward 3 stitch bobbles in place of the 5 stitch bobbles the pattern calls for. 3 stitches still makes a big bump. I don't want to be catching on things!

Also, I'm just knitting the back first. Otherwise I would make all my mistakes twice before I figure things out :)

Looking good. I've taken a deep breath and, like you, started with the sleeve. I questioned the wisdom of the bobbles, too -- but have come to decide that the bobbles are part of what make this sweater distinctive, so I have 5-stitch bobbles in all their bumpy glory!



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