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November 7, 2005

Bring on the post-marathon knitting!

Yesterday, I ran the marathon in 4:30:49. This is *one minute* faster than last year. one minute! Man, it sure felt like a stronger effort. It was a great race overall. There is something magic about the marathon, maybe its the energy of the crowds, or the running masses trying to accomplish this goal.. Whatever it is, I am already thinking about next year. I really want to finish in the 4:20s!

Thanks for all your wishes of good luck! I so appreciated it.

One of the best parts of marathon training is the post race knitting! Today I took the day off work, rested the legs, and started a Jaywalker sock.


The yarn is Mountain Colors Bearfoot in the Firestorm colorway. The colors are sooo rich, and the yarn itself is soft. It is rivaling Koigu as my favorite sock yarn. At first, I thought it was going to pool in a very unfortunate manner, but after a couple inches into the pattern, it seems the result could be quite nice!


*the double decreases in the above photo are wrong.. I was slipping the two stitches to be decreased separately instead of together. but its fixed now!

The only consideration is yardage. Bearfoot comes in a 350 yd skein... and the Jaywalker pattern calls for 465 yards. So the cuff will be shorter. and maybe the toes will be a different color. hmmmm.

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The colors in that sock are really beautiful; the way they're striping is perfect. And..I know there was something else...oh, right...CONGRATULATIONS! Amazing.


Congratulations! What a great accomplishment! For sure a day of knitting was in order. Your socks look great - just so you know - I've made two pairs of Jaywalker socks with 325yds each pair. They are wonderful with a shorter cuff.

Congrats again! I'm glad you took the day off. I didn't and paid for it. That medal is awesome and your Jaywalkers look like they're off to a great start. What size needles are you using?

Congratulations on the marathon! That's a great time! I did my first one about a month ago.....but as a relay. There is no way I could ever run that far. Actually I could. But I don't think I actually ever would want to. ha! You are a total rockstar!

Congrats on finishing the marathon!!! Yay!!! =) Your Jaywalker sock looks wonderful! Love the colors.

Congrats on a great marathon time! And the socks are looking good too... love the colorway you're using.

Congratulations on completing the marathon and on a great time! You are inspiring me to get my butt out running again.

Love the sock - the colours are awesome.

beautiful color of the yarn. isn't bearfoot lovely!!

congrats on the marathon. very respectable time!! glad you had a great time.

Whoo-hoo! Congrats- what a great accomplishment : )! The new socks look great too!

What a great accomplishment! Way to go. Your medal is awesome.

Your sock looks lovely.

I was wondering all day how you did, congrats! I'm sure you'll do even better next year.

The sock is looking great, it's definitely a fun pattern. It'll look great if the toes are different colors.


congrats on the marathon!

i love the socks. bearfoot is such great yarn. you'll love wearing them!

Two years in a row? Will there be a third? :)

Congratulations! Great job.

Great job, Diana! I love Bearfoot yarn too!

Congratulations! I am always in awe of marathoners, and I adore marathon Sunday. Nice work! Nice socks, too :-)


go diana! congrats on the running - i'm deeply impressed.

bearfoot is such a fantastic yarn and those jaywalkers are going to rock!


Congratulations on your race! For people who don't run, a minute doesn't seem like much, but runners know that every second counts, and a minute is huge! Way to go!

Congratulation on your race! Very impressive.

I like the Jaywalkers too. On my list.

Oh my goodness, I am so amazed by people who can run for 4+ hours straight! Congratulations! And great socks - such beautiful colors!

Wow, I am so impressed with you! I wish I had the joints to run. :D

The Jaywalker socks are so appropriate for you, too. :D

Love the colours! Congrats on your run!
I just finished my jaywalkers, I love the pattern.

Congratulations! You made a great time! Psyched to hear that you are running again next year. You totally rock! Love the Jaywalkers, too. Those colors are gorgeous. I think you can get away with using 350 yards. I got away with using about 170 - 185 per sock, and I made the cuff about 7 inches long. Granted I was panicking a bit when I got to the toes, but it was fine. Good luck. They look great so far!

Congrats on your marathon time!! That is fantastic...you must be enjoying your day off after that effort. Love the sock color by the way - wonderful way to spend the day after.

Congrats on your marathon. It really is quite an accomplishment. I'm glad you took the day off and spent some time knitting. The Bearfoot looks great - I can't wait to see more of your sock.

Yay! You did a great job in the marathon. I'm proud of you! And your Jaywalker socks look fabulous so far. You're not kidding about the Bearfoot yarn being gorgeous and richly colored. Have fun!

Congratulations! One minute is a whole lot!! And you want to run again. That is so great. I'd be all "I'm never, ever doing that again, ever."

Love the sock, it looks great.

Hooray! Congrats! I can't even look at that medal without my lungs collapsing. Good job :)

Congratulations on your huge accomplishement of finishing the marathon, in good time, two years in a row! I cheered on the sidelines this year and hope to join you next year. Glad you took an extra day to recouperate hope you start to feel all back to normal in the next few days.
The yarn you chose for your recouperating sock is so pretty I just may have to get some of that myself!

congratulations! i didn't even read the knitting stuff .... but, i envy that kind of endurance! :)

Congratulations, you must feel real proud. I certainly take my hat off to you. well done. I'm talking about the marathon, not the sock!


I am so proud of you! Congratulations on such a wonderful event/day/etc. I feel the same way about triathalons.. There is just something so incredible about them... You feel so good afterwards, like all that exercise just released all the negativity out of your life :)

Anyways, glad you had a good recovery day.. and hmm. Mountain Colors :)


Congratulations on a great finish! and best wishes for training for next year. Your dedication is inspiring.

Congratulations on running the marathon. Well done.

Congratulations on the marathon finish! And quite a good time, too.



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