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September 12, 2005

A Long Lost Pair of Socks

Way back last May, I started a pair of socks. The Whitby socks from Knitting on the Road, to be exact. You don't remember them because I never posted about them. There wasn't really anything interesting to say. I finished one sock, started the other, and was wholly unimpressed. They got put away in favor of something else.

This weekend, as part of my continuing quest to *finish*, I took them out of hiding. I intended to use the yarn to knit the Cascading Leaves Socks instead. But you know what? These socks are okay! They'd make decent winter socks. Plus, one is already done... Onward to finishing!

Here's the already finished sock:


The second one is almost to the heel:


Maybe they are not my favorite pair of socks ever, but the pattern is fun. It goes really fast. I am using size 3 needles, and recycled sweater yarn.

The main pattern is made up of two 6-stitch cables, separated by a panel with a knit/purl pattern. This knit/purl pattern is ingenious.. its a 5-row diamond whose sole function is likely to keep track of rows. Each time the diamond is complete, its time to cross the cables. No row counting required! Love it.


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Oooh, cute. I've looked at that pattern, but don't have any solid color sock yarn. I like the color a lot (and seem to recall something about that recycled sweater). Way to go - almost done with another project!

You're right, those are pretty cute! I'm glad you decided to knit sock #2 instead of frogging!

The pattern looks cute and I really like the colour!!

I love that pattern! They are cute...one already done...come on!


I made these socks too! The no row-counting is genius - yet they still look impressive. Your choice of yarn looks lovely.

So pretty! And you're using your recycled yarn? That's amazing. I'm sure they'll end up being one of your favorite pairs of socks!

Ahhh, sometimes it just takes a step back to have the motivation to do somethin gwe left off. I like the socks very much!

They are cute and the color is sooo you. We are definately on a finishing streak. Do you think we'll get into a using up stash and then only buying yarn for the projects we are about to cast on? I feel like Im so far away from that

Love that light mint green--they will be perfect socks. Just lovely!

The color is awesome! What a nice pair they make:)

What a brilliant technique to avoid counting! Nancy Bush is so smart. They look very pretty and I bet you'll get a lot of wear out of them.

Great looking socks! I love the color. I just ordered yarn to make whitby socks, so I'm glad that you say the pattern is fun.

I think they're pretty yummy! I love the colour.

Mmm, those cables are so nice and sproingy!



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