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August 10, 2005

There's Something about Fair Isle

There's something very addictive about Fair Isle.. it keeps you knitting and knitting, with promises of full revelation.


After the bottom Fair Isle chart, I buckled down for the tedium of white stockinette knitting. Figuring it would take awhile, Baby Norgi became my subway project. It was 100 degrees out, but there I was, subway knitting to and from work, anticipating days and days of imperceptible progress. But then it was done in no time! Gotta love baby sweaters.

Here's an (unblocked) reindeer.


With the top chart completed, there is just the neck shaping to complete the body. Unbelievably speedy!

Then, two sleeves and the inevitable cutting.

Comments (23)

That knit is going SO fast, it's almost unbelievable! Tiny yarn and needles, but it's almost done! Good luck with the last few rows of the body.

The sweater is simply lovely. And it impresses me that you are knitting this without a specific child in mind -- WOW! Great job.


That looks amazing... knitting fair-isle and in 100 degree heat you are brave.

Looks amazing! I love it.

absolutely gorgeous! i know what you mean about fairisle, just can not stop!!

That is the cutest reindeer and that yarn is looking really yummy! Can't wait to see the FO, I would be so scared with all that cutting business though

Speedy! And super cute. Wow. I can't wait to see the cutting - yikes.

that is so cute! What a lucky baby!

This is so cute! I hope you save it for any future child you might have, cause you need to be able to tell people you knit that on a regular basis and bask in the glory.

Another amazing knit! I can't believe how far you've gotten. I love it!

Oh my goodness, love it!!

You knit fair isle so well! It is very very beautiful!

Wow, it's looks amazing.

I've taken to knitting on the subway too. My ride flies by. In fact, it feels too short now! :)

Wow, that was fast! It looks amazing!

Your Fair Isle is amazing! I love the little grazing animals :) I just learned Fair Isle and I agree- it's addictive. My next Fair Isle project is going to be a Fair Isle yoke sweater from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Opinionated Knitter. I'm hoping to get the tension right by that time :)

beautiful! and the cutting thing is just so nerve-wracking to even contemplate!!


It goes by so fast, doesn't it? Yours is looking fantastic, Diana! I just finished mine last night!


I love it... Fantastic! I can't believe you are doing that on the subway... major kudos to you :)

Wow - that is flying along! Reindeer...awwwww!

That is going to look so cute on some baby...someday. You're doing a fabulous job.


I wish I could do this! But I haven't even tried. sigh............... It is beautiful!!! Who is it for?


congrats- I'm fantastically impressed. I've had such bad fair isle experiences in the past I'm scared of trying again.

I totally know what you mean, you just have to keep knitting. It's like, "if I just knit one more row, the deer's body is done, then a few more and the antlers are done..." You can't help it. ADDICTIVE. ;-)



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