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August 23, 2005

Steeks, conquered

Ah yes, there has been successful steek-cutting.


I was most nervous about sending this little sweater through my sewing machine. Its a decent machine, but it tends to get away from me.. and sewing straight lines on it is not exactly my specialty.

After a bit of practicing on the subminiature swatch, I decided to baste in some guides.


This is pre-cutting. The blue threads are visual guides, whose basic function was to reassure me that I was still sewing in a straight line. They are 3 stitches out from each interior line of stitching. While sewing, I made sure the side of the presser foot maintained an even distance from the guides. Afterwards, I removed them. Quite helpful!

The steeks are not completely perfect. As you might be able to see in the image above, there are areas where they are kinda wavy. But I think this will not impact their effectiveness. *hopefully*

And the inside of the cut steek.


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Hey, congratulations! Just like me, you are/were more nervous about sewing the fabric on the machine than the actual cutting. Looks good from here, finished sweater in no time!


You did a great job! Now go lie down in a dark room with a cold drink.

It looks *wonderful*! Congratulations!!!!

Oh that's fabulous! One day I will conquer these techniques!

Looks great, Diana! Such a great job on it! It will be finished it no time now!

holy crap! Im proud of you, so much in fact that I had to show my bf : )


Amazing as always... hope to see this as FO soon!


Wow, you are so brave. Your steeks turned out great! I have also been eyeing that asymmetric jacket-cardi in Rowan too. Good call on the Peace Fleece - Rowan is so gosh-danged expensive.

I am in awe. Wow.

It looks good to me - I just bought Fisherman Sweaters and would like to try some of them out -maybe I'll make a Baby Norgi to practise the steeking beforehand...hmmm.

wow, looks like success!! great job.

Wow, I think it looks great. I really don't know what steeking is all about. Need to go see. Bravo though.


Wow, Diana, wow.. It is looking so good and you should have zero worries! I understand your concern with sewing machines... I am horrible with the really old one I just inhereted :) I can't wait to see this all finished!

You rock! I'm so impressed.

Awesome. When I grow up, I want to be just like you! ;-)

Isn't it just amazing how the stitches at the cut end don't fall into a million pieces? It feels like a miracle. I loved it! Yours look perfect!

Impressive! You are very brave. I need to get a sewing machine so I can be just as brave!

Wow! You knit something and then cut a hole in it! So scary! But the end product, up a few posts, looks great. I am amazed that this works, and impressed by how cute this sweater turned out.



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