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August 16, 2005

Closer to cutting

Getting closer to the inevitable cutting of steeks.


The Fair Isle on the sleeves was much more tricky than the body. Especially the little green parts. I redid the green crosses three times on one sleeve before arriving at something akin to reasonable tension. Its due to the DPNs I think. Irregularities in tension cleared up with blocking.


One sleeve I steam-blocked and the other I wet-blocked. Can you tell the difference?
P.S. In real life, they are in fact the same color.

Here's a bit of the reverse side of the Fair Isle.


Now, the next step is to work up the nerve to send this through the sewing machine.

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Diana! Your floats look perfect! When I stitched the steeks, I used a colour to match the cream Baby Ull because I was worried about it showing through -- light coloured Baby Ull is kind of translucent. But it made it really difficult to see what I was doing. Wendy did recommend a different coloured sewing thread to see your work easier. Good luck! The cutting is the best part!


Wow... the back looks amazing! Good luck sewing!

Wow. That's fabulous. How'd you learn fair isle - a book, the internet, inherent genius?

It looks great. The cutting is the most fun. :)

Take a deep breath and relax before any of this steeking business gets on its way. I'm sure youll do great, good luck!!

Wow I'm impressed with the back, it looks great.


I can't decide what looks better, the back or the front! It's so perfect! You inspire me...

Oh, you're SO close! It looks beautiful so far, and I can't tell the difference between the sleeves at all. In the next post you should tell us which you prefer, which looks better in your opinion :).


Deep breaths--this is coming along great. Such great skill!

I'm enjoying watching you knit this up, I kind of feel like I'm watching a Streets and YOs/Sweet Georgia Baby Norgi show-down!

The "Getting closer to the inevitable cutting of steeks." pretty much had shivers going down my spine. The jumper is just gorgeous and well worth it but, having had one really bad experience when I allowed a pair of scissors close to my knitting, it still scares me... I can't wait to see the result though, your knitting is so neat.

Ooo, that little sweater looks so perfect! Good luck with the steeking! :-)

it looks gorgeous. your floats are so good that you could wear the sweater in reverse without any problem at all.

i can't wait to see the finished product.

Wow, I'm so impressed. It looks amazing.

Diana, this looks SO good! I am so impressed and inspired to learn fair isle. Yours is working up so nicely ;)

Wow!!! =o)
I can't wait to see this sweater all seamed up!

beautiful! and you are so close to finish! have fun snipping up the knits.


You know, it's the anticipation of cutting that's probably making you nervous. Your floats are perfect!



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