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August 4, 2005

Baby Norgi

I've started a new project: the Baby Norgi sweater from Knitty.


I never would have considered knitting it if it weren't for Felicia's gorgeous progress photographs.

There is no baby in mind for this sweater. I may save it for my someday future child, or give it as a gift if something comes up. I just like the idea of knitting this little sweater as practice in Fair Isle and steeking. It will just be a finished project when done, and not necessarily a garment.

The yarn is Louet Sales Gems Pearl a very soft fingering weight. Cream is the main color, with dark brown and grass green accents. Seaport Yarn didn't have the right shade of grass green, so I substituted Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Loden.

The Louet yarn is very very soft.


I am working at keeping my Fair Isle not too tight..apparently that is tricky.

The needle sizes for this project are soooo small - US 0 and US 1. They make the project feel very delicate.

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good luck with this one. Your comments remind me of the first fair isle sweater that I ever knitted. It took weeks and weeks, but it was insanely beautiful. And way too small. I tried to extend it by knitting 'insert'. But it didn't work. I still have it. Maybe Carter will wear it one day. But it's pretty scratchy, so probably not.

The whole project screams "delicate" to me - delicate yarn (I love Gems so much, I have an unreasonable amount of it in my stash), delicate technique, delicate small needles, delicate little project! Enjoy!

i am also interested in making something fairisle, too. yours is looking pretty!! did you carry the yarn through (float) instead of weave it in? i read several places, floating is recommended to keep the tension correct.

Wow, that looks incredible. Great job.

Looks like the beginning of another amazing project! I can't believe that both you and Felicia are knitting this project without a recipient in mind, but the babies who get them will be lucky indeed!

I was wondering why this was in your project list. Looks great and sooo soft. Your future child will love it!

So pretty. Size 0 and 1? AWESOME!

I've been swooning over this sweater over at Felicia's as well! Now I'll swoon over yours and eventually get up the nerve to try it out for my future, theoretical child. I love your yarn choices!

Absolutely stunning. What a knitter you are. Your tension is perfect.

You are doing such a great job! It looks absolutely perfect! I can't wait to start on this project (eventually)!

It's absolutely beautiful! That's a good idea for practice steeking. I want to knit a Dale sweater sometime soon and am a bit afraid of the steeking, so hmmmm, I'm thinking this too might be a good idea for me.

It looks gorgeous. I need to learn fair isle...that is a good practise project. I read somewhere that if you knit it inside out that your fair isle is looser...maybe you know this already.

I have been watching Felicia's progress as well. That sweater is so pretty. What a good first Fair Isle project. I see so many knits for babies that I love too, maybe I'll start a 'stash' of baby knits so I can practice different techniques too. Not a bad idea!

Love the colors you chose. And your knitting looks perfect!

Looks fantastic!

Your fairisle looks perfect!

Wow...I'm in awe! I think it looks great already!

This is so lovely! I will be watching and waiting for updates on this one. That sweater has always sparked my intrest and now I can live through you knitting it! The colors are so yummmy.

Diana! Your colourway is beautiful and your knitting is perfect! I'm looking forward to seeing your steeks too! I just cut yesterday but got bogged down by sewing all those little seams together... =)


Looks awesome! I need to try intarsia soon...


I LOVE this baby sweater.. I did see it on Felicia's blog and though how beautiful it was.. She does crazy gorgeous knitting, doesn't she?!


beautiful work. delicate yes, and your tension looks perfect, the fabric is lovely and flat.

Wow, very ambitious! It looks great and I know you'll do a great job. Can't wait to see more.



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