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August 28, 2005

An Exercise in Finishing

Baby Norgi is so so close to being done. This little sweater requires a fair amount of care in finishing. There are all sorts of details that must be attended to.

First, I sewed down the sleeve hems. They were the easiest.


Then, I set in the sleeves. This was a little tricky, but not too bad. I consulted Vogue Knitting for the technique.


Next I sewed down the bottom hem. I pinned it all around with safety pins before sewing it. About halfway around, I discovered that picking up only one strand of the CO edge results in a nice, smooth hem. (in the photo below, I believe this is on the left side) There's no noticeable difference from the outside.


I've never done anything with a sleeve facing before. This is about 8 rows of knit stitches at the top of the sleeves. They get sewn down inside the armholes and cover up the cut steeks. Makes the inside look all nice and neat.


And now, all that's left is the neckband. When picking up stitches around the neck, I tried to err on the side of too many stitches rather than not enough. I'd rather have the neckband be a little too big.. to make sure it will fit its someday wearer!


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Thank you for showing all the finishing photos. I'm always interested to see how other people finish their item. It's soooo close to being done! Exciting!

beautiful! and thanks for showing the finishing details. can't wait to see it is all done!

Gorgeous! And such care and attention to details makes all the difference :)


Your almost finished Norgi looks like a masterpiece! You should be proud. Looks really complicated. BTW, I am thinking of making the Minisweater (I like your brown color choice). Is the pattern really correct in that the gauge is 13sts/4 inches? Doesn't seem right since it's a worsted weight yarn using sz 9 needles. Is that the gauge you're knitting at?

You have done such an excellent job on the finishing!!

Wow - lots of details, but it looks wonderful. What a great job you've done on this little sweater. And it will be so cute one day on its wearer.


Are you going to model it for us? hee hee hee...

Looks great! Thanks for showing us the process. I just ordered the KnitPicks Palatte sampler to pick out colors for this!

This is such a fascinating little sweater! Thanks for posting all the great photos, it is looking wonderful.

holy! if that isnt knitting perfection i don't know what is... i'm super impressed!

This sweater is just gorgeous! I'm very impressed.


beautiful work!



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