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August 31, 2005

Finished Baby Norgi

Baby Norgi is all done!


The Specs:
Baby Norgi by Wendy Johnson
Size: S, 24 inch chest.
Gauge: 8 sts to inch; size US 1 and US 0 needles.
Yarn: Louet Gems Pearl in Cream (3 skeins) and Caribou (1 skein), Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solid in Loden (1 skein)
Pattern Modifications: None. I only ended up using 3 skeins of the cream color, not 4 as the pattern specified.

Some Notes:

1. Louet Gems Pearl is simply the softest yarn I've ever experienced. I recommend it for Baby Norgi and for other projects. I am already thinking about the sport weight version for a sweater project.

2. This project was not boring. Often, a knitting project will become tiresome to me about 3/4 of the way through. I manage to get through to the end, but its not nearly as engaging as the beginning. However, Baby Norgi was totally interesting.. all the way to the end.

3. Steeks. They are not too bad! Thinking about doing them? Go for it. They are totally within reach. I used Wendy's Steeking article, and read through it about 3-4 times before it really made sense. Next time I do steeks, might try the crochet method.

4. Knitting a baby sweater for "noone in particular". Um, am I trying to scare off dates? Give my mother false hope? Really, I just wanted to try the technique! In the process, I've found that baby items are actually quite fun to knit. They are fast, potentially perfect, take just a small amount of yarn.

This was one of my favorite projects *ever*. The knitting was engaging and challenging, and I am completely satisfied with the final product. My next Fair Isle project just might be this capelet from Wrap Style.

Comments (34)

Baby Norgi is *so* beautiful!! It is really a masterpiece, and I am glad that you enjoyed the process of knitting it.

beautiful! i'm so proud of you to take on this project and did such a wonderful job.

i looked through the wrapstyle at the local bookstore the other day, that wrap is lovely. other than that, the book is okay for my taste.

Beautiful! Congratulations on a successful knit, where you enjoyed everything from start to finish!

It's perfect. So adorable and now you have it for "someday". I like the wrap - it'd keep you warm in November.


Congratulations! It looks great.


It's beautiful. You should be quite proud of yourself. I also like to knit things for my children (even though I run the risk that they may not like it; they have opinions about EVERYTHING) for the same reason. It's fun to try out different techniques and it takes a lot less time.

Beautiful job! Keep good care of that sweater, it would look oh so cute on a small one. There are so many baby items I want to knit but I don't want to jinx myself. Maybe I'll give some of them a try now...

Not only is it a great FO, but you enjoyed the process completely. Congratulations, it's wonderful!

That turned out lovley! I just love small cute lillte sweaters. If it really is that engaging, maybe I will give it a try.


It's beautiful! And while it's a gorgeous FO, I think the most noteworthy part is that you loved knitting it from start to finish.


Congratulations on the new baby...norgi!


the sweater looks awesome. who cares if you don't have a baby to give it to you yet. you can just admire it. and i love that fair isle wrap, too. make it!

Wow! Check you out! It looks great, and don't worry, you're not the only one with random baby items with no baby in sight.


wahey! baby norgi is beautiful! i'm sure future dates will be most impressed as well ;-)

Frame that sweater! You did such an amazing job.


Flawless! Well done on finishing, it looks great.

It is really really beautiful ... and very very well-made. Feeling happy for the future receivee of this lovely gift. ;)

What a fantastic sweater. Excellent finishing!

Adorable. It's so nicely done.

It looks wonderful. I'm embarking on my first FI and first steeking experience, so nice to hear it went well.

So wonderfully great I can hardly stand it! Your Norgi is so cute and well crafted. I've been so inspired by your intrepid foray into fair isle and steeking. Great job!

that is super cute! i love it!


That is the cutest thing ever! I wish I had a baby to knit for. That will absolutely be my next baby sweater!


Beautiful! You did a wonderful job and I am so happy it was such a fun project for you to knit... You are totally right about baby items... They are great to try new techniques on because they are small, so they won't be too overwhelming... How is Raspy coming too? I want to knit that this fall and was wondering how that yarn from Elann was working out :)

That turned out perfectly! Well done. I can believe every one of your project notes, especially the one about not being bored... so much technique involved with this project and you came out victorious! :)


That's beautiful... you did a wonderful job steeking and putting everything together!

congratulations on your Baby Norgi. You are so brave to try it and turns out really nice!

It looks great! Congrats!

it's absolutely gorgeous diana! well done!!

I love your Baby Norgi, Diana! such a sweet little knit. I am sure some baby will come along that is worthy to wear it :)

Great idea to do that fair isle capelet--I like that pattern. Maybe you can find a beaver hat to match it when you wear it--then you can be just as cool as that model! (hehe!)


That came out beautifully! Definitely something you should be proud of. :)


Wow, Diana, it's really gorgeous. That's gonna be one lucky baby... whenever you find a recipient worthy enough!

beatufiul! and yup, that capelet in the new interweaves book looks incredible - it's so very tempting.

It's beautiful. And I love the nuclear green socks too.



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