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July 5, 2005

Stash score

Last week, I was walking through Design Partners, this small art supply store that caters mainly to FIT students, and carries mostly non-fabulous yarns (but decent knitting needles and accessories), when I ran into this:


4 Skeins of Lion Brand Textures perfect for dyeing. They practically jumped out of the sale bin and requested to come home with me. It was only $8 for all four, so how could I say no? They are 100% wool and destined to meet Kool-aid at some point in the future.

Usually I wouldn't stash yarn without even a vague idea of a project in mind, but dyeing changes this. Down the road, when they are pulled out of the stash and dyed, it won't be like working with a potentially-unexciting stash yarn, rather more like working with brand new freshly-colored yarn.

This weekend I did some knitting, and even finished *something*, but neglected to take photos! tomorrow perhaps...

Also this weekend I designed Stephanie's new site! I hope you all checked it out. It was great fun. If you need a new blog or a new design, I'm your girl!

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$8? How could you say no. What a great find and I agree, yarn intended for dyeing isn't really stashing, it's planning ahead. You're wonder woman - blog designing *and* finished knitting. When did you sleep?

Stephanie's site looks awesome! You did such a good job!

That yarn looks cozy. I bet it can't wait to meet up with some Kool-aid.

What a great find, and Steph's site looks awesome! My favorite part is the way the banner image travels into the sidebar, and the way the sidebar looks uneven at the bottom! Very "unwind," you know? Anyway, congrats on the wool and on the site, :).


Great work on Stephanie's site... I may have to "hire" you for a "remodel". I just don't have the time to put into my blog what I would like to - and my host isn't the easiest to work with.

Amazing job with Stephanie's site. I love the clean look of your sites. Such a talented girl you are!

I have never heard of Textures before... wonder if it is a precursor to Fisherman's Wool? Anyhow, it will be perfect for dyeing! Have fun with it :)

Looking forward to the FO picture...

What I great find I can't wait to see what it becomes. I have yet to try your self stripping technique, but I will be soon!

oh, when the price is right, you just gotta have it!!

can't wait to see what colors you'll turn those wool into!

i am definitely giving you a call should one day i jump ship to movable type or alike platform.

Lucky. $8. Harhumpf. Nice job on the site...the colors are so soothing on my screen and make me feel calm...aaaahhhh...

I love your site and now Stephanies, great job!

Dyeing that yarn sounds like fun, any idea on what colors you will use?



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