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April 11, 2005

Stripey Socks done

One pair of stripey socks, all set for next winter..


Yarn: Regia mini-ringel sock yarn, color 5343, 2 skeins
Needle: Size 1 Crystal Palace DPNs
Size: 66 sts at 8sts/inch; worked heel on 34 sts
Pattern: Sorta followed the sock in Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns
Pattern Modifications: adjusted pattern for optimum stripage - 2.5 stripe repeats before the heel

I used nearly all the yarn from each skein, with less than one repeat remaining from each at the end. They don't exactly match, as I didn't check the yarn before starting. If I had checked both skeins, I could have started both with the yellow stripes. But they are pretty close and they don't have to match anyway..

Heel/Toe Reinforcement:
I did not add any reinforcement thread in these areas. The gauge was pretty tight, so I didn't think it was necessary. Also didn't want to tone down the stripe pattern. Time will tell if this was a bad idea.

Tubular Cast-On:
This was worked at the cuff of each sock for about an inch. It does look lovely, but is kinda tight, and stretches out a bit when worn. It will probably snap back into shape when washed. Overall, the extra effort might not be worth it.

Train Knitting:
Probably 2/3rds of the second sock was worked while on the subway. I estimate I could complete one sock per week if knitting only while commuting.


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Cute, cute, cute!

Very cute. You've made a lot more progress on your socks than I, but I finished my Rebecca cardigan this weekend! I really need to try some self-striping sock yarn for my next pair. What's next on your agenda?


Cool socks! I like those colors.

i love stripey socks -- and that they don't match ust adds to the whole appeal. ;)

Those are so nice! Great job! Let us know how they work out without the reinforcement thread (you're right, it would have bummed your stripes if you had used it as a carry-along).


Hi there-- Love the finished product! I actually just bought the same mini-ringel color off of Ebay!

I just finished my first sock (which I will post on my site tonight) and am very dissapointed with it! I used size 1 needles and the gage/sock just came out too tight... So, I had to stretch the hell out of it to get it on and now it looks all loose and distorted from the ankle up.. :( I hate spending so much time on something and not be happy with it in the end. I am contemplating not making the other sock, but might just do it for more practice.

What size needle did you use for these socks? I am going to use 2's on my next set...

Thanks for the lovely pictures and inspiration!

they look great! love the colors!

Very nice. Love the colors as well.

They look like a nice fit--and I just love those colors! They match your blog :)

Hope all is well!

Love these socks! I have yet to tackle adult socks...and I do have this book you adapted the patterns from. I may have to do these, they are so fun!



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