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April 12, 2005

Gloworm Legwarmers

Oh, it is so nice out. Spring has come to NYC. This past weekend was warm enough for flip flops, which I wore to the park for an afternoon of lounging, where I managed to sunburn my right shoulder only.

Also, after nearly three years of living in my current apartment, roof access has been discovered! roof access rocks. I plan to spend all sorts of time enjoying roof access this summer. Well, it would be even better if the scantily-clad hipsters who live two buildings down and enjoy photo shoots did not also know about roof access. these hipsters do not rock. Perhaps their trust funds will soon run out.

However, spring has not come to my office. Its freezing in here. I'd love to wear cute spring clothes, but for fear of extreme coldness, I have not yet deviated from my winter pants uniform. brrrr. There must be a knitted solution to this temperature dilemma, right?

Enter the Gloworm legwarmers. Perfect for in-office wearing, and equally cool-looking with skirts or pants. Also okay even if one forgets to take them off while dashing out for gummi bears.

I plan to follow the pattern for these legwarmers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, using these 3 yarns held together:

Peruvian_wool_celery.jpg Habu_Kusa_mohair.jpg lana_gatto_mohair.jpg

Peruvian Highland Wool in Celery. 4 skeins remain from a Christmas gift.

Kusa Silk Mohair from Habu Textiles, shade 24

Lana Gatto Mohair Royal, color 2118.

One strand of each, on a size 8 12" circular needle. probably without a fancy cast-on, but one never knows what I will come up with.

Office warmness is all but ensured!

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Ok, gotta say, love the colors, love the pattern for the legwarmers.. I found a similar pattern online and was thinking about trying some out.

I totally understand what you mean by the freezing cold office. I am sitting her in a fairly heavy sweater and pants still (I'm in Boston) even though its spring weather...

Love the combination, and can't sait to see what it looks like. That's my biggest problem with combining yarns, I have no vision.

Some yahoo put my building's AC on last Friday. The feeling has just returned to my fingers.

ok, we must be twins! I've been wanting a pair of legwarmers for months. It gets darn cold here in Wyoming. I started them once, but didn't have any luck because I didn't have a good pattern. Now that I see this one, I must go out and buy this book. I wonder if yarn I have in my stash will work or if I'm going to have to buy something new. That'd be aweful, I tell ya. I can't wait to see how they come along. :)

Oh! Those are going to be cute and practical! Can't help but notice that the color matches your blog layout :). I guess you like light green colors, and I can't blame you - very nice :).

Those legwarmers are definitely on my To Knit list... I really love them! The celery colors will be splendid--can't wait to see those work up!

Hope all is well, Diana :)

I think the colours are lovely. I am knitting in KSH too ... no big mistake so far, but did have to frog from time to time ... sometimes a few stitches, sometimes more. Simple pattern is good ... frogging mohair is such a pain!

Hey there! Love the color you chose. It'll look fab with your spring outfits.


I love those colours, but I can't believe it is so cold in your office you would need them. I have a fan on my desk to cool me down - even in the winter! I must have a large internal furnance.

The legwarmers should go pretty quickly...Looking forward to seeing them!

LOVE those colors! Can't wait to see them finished.



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