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April 13, 2005


The Gloworm Legwarmers are this much closer to keeping me warm:


I am loving this project. The combination of the three yarns is interesting. Initially, I thought it might be too fuzzy or too heavy, as the pattern only calls for one strand of mohair. ah no. Two strands just make them softer.

The Kusa Mohair Silk is a surprisingly fabulous yarn. In the picture above, its the coned yarn, in the middle. Maybe its the 40% silk content. It is subtley shiny and glowy and single-handedly makes the gloworm legwarmers *glow*. This is the first yarn I've worked with from Habu Textiles, and I am so very impressed.

Here's a close-up, check out the little glowy strands of Kusa Mohair:


Today I am wearing really boring grayish/blackish machine-made legwarmers. They are super warm, but not much fun really. Can't wait for these to be done!

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I can see you wearing these glowing legwarmers every day ... they are so beautiful!


What a super project! I am curious about that Habu yarn as well - I wonder if it would make a good Rebecca wrap cardi? I just started mine, but I already think I might want a second, after seeing yours!

The legwarmers are fabulous! I can't find Last Minute Knitted Gifts anywhere. Knit Happens didn't have it in stock when I ordered yarn yesterday and my B&N of course doesn't have it. I was hoping I could find it and a Jaeger pattern book at the same place and kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone, but so far, no luck. Grr. I love the combination of yarns, very pretty.

Your legwarmers look so cushy and warm! The color is great too. And I can see by your site and project selection why you were leaning towards the green Kate Spade china for me ;)

Great green gloworms! Love love love them! My favorite LYS owner is going to start carrying Habu--so I will definitely check this mohair out :)

These look great and are just the best color you could come up with. I can't wait to see them finished and worn.

Also, thank you so much for kind comments over at my blog! It was very exciting to have someone other than my friend who I force to read my blog leave a comment. And you linked to me! So exciting.

Anyway, you asked what I thought of the Elann Pure Alpaca. So far, I really like it and would recommend it. It is a tiny bit splitty, but not so much that it has caused problems. It is very soft, not cashmere or silk alpaca soft, but much softer than the softest wools. Also, I haven't come across any knots, which always kind of pisses me off, especially when the yarn is expensive. I am not knitting it in stockinette stitch, so I'm not sure what gauge I'm getting, but I have noticed that for a yarn that seems so thin, it knits up much thicker than I would expect, if that makes any sense.

Beautiful color! It's one of my favorites! I'm glad to hear about the Habu Textiles yarn. I've been debating whether to order a sample book or not. I think I will!

Very pretty leg warmers - great idea to mix all the yarns. Very springy!



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