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March 30, 2005

Ribby Complete

The Ribby Cardi is all zipped out.


Yarn: Peruvian Highland wool from elann.com, in Mesa Teal. 10 skeins.
Gauge: 19sts to 4" in st st on size 7 needles
Pattern Modifications: Allover 2x2 ribbing, lengthened sleeves to 21" and body to 13". Used attached i-cord instead of seed stitch for the front zipper bands, and extended it up to the collar.


Other Technical Notes:

1. Zipper Installation. I ended up sewing the zipper in by hand. My sewing machine was all ready to go, but I decided that hand sewing would be easier to control. It took about 2 hours, and came out very clean.

2. Imperfection One. The zipper at the top does not match up. The collar is mostly for show, and barring a surprise snowstorm, will never be zipped up all the way. So I am trying to let this one go.

3. Imperfection Two. The second imperfection is more subtle, but troublesome. The bottom does this wavy thing. One side just wants to be longer than the other. After basting in the zipper, it was not even at the bottom, so I kinda pulled it into place and sewed it down. But it looks like the knitwear does not appreciate being treated this way. Its visible in this flat photo below:


4. Length. I lengthened the body of the sweater to 13 inches. If I were to use this pattern again, I'd make it more like 14 or 15 inches.

5. Construction. Since this is all in one color, it would have been easy enough to construct it entirely in the round. The men's ribbed cardigan in Last Minute Knitted Gifts is constructed this way.

6. Peruvian Highland Wool. Its very soft and comfortable, and unbelievably economical, plus I was able to splice the joins between skeins. yet I've heard people say this yarn does not wear well. Its kinda fuzzy, so I could see that happening. If I made this again, I'd use Cascade 220.

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Great job! I've made a baby sweater and hat out of this yarn, and it didn't wear well at all. However, the mom machine washes it on cold/gentle, so it's probably all the agitation and frequency of washing.


Best argument I've seen yet for my making this sweater. The allover rib is fantastic.

ok...i think you have made...oh 70 sweaters since i started my hourglass sweater. And they all look SO GOOD! And I want to make each one of them.

This one looks great and I agree with Cari - the ribby cardi didn't really do it for me until I saw this one. Formidable!

It looks fabulous! I really like the way it turned out... you know I have seen so many of these on the blogs, and yours is the one that I can actually see myself wearing. Very nice.

The color looks great on you too :)

Your sweater looks great and seems that it was a very quick knit. I've been undecided on this pattern, but really like yours. I may have to do it after all, and if I do, I'll remember your modifications - my arm length is the same as yours and I'd want it a bit longer too. :)

I like the modifications you made to the pattern. Great job!

Awesome - love the color...I want to try the i-cord edging now!


You are such a quick knitter! I think you started when I was halfway up my fronts, now I'm 3/4 up and you're done. Wow, d. Your collar looks very nice. When I'm ready for it (in about 3 years at this rate) will you help me?

This is gorgeous!! I have this on my 'to-do' list. But I think I am going to make it from Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed. Personally this is one of the best ribby cardi's I have seen to date.

I think your ribby cardi looks fantastic! It's the best I've seen. I like the allover rib and the collar. The color is wonderful too. I found that the highland wool does pill, but I loved knitting with it.

Hi Diana, you don't have your e-mail posted here on your blog. I want to send you a private message re LivingDot. Would you mind dropping me a line at grumperina at gmail.com? Sorry for clogging your comments with personal matters :).

I really love the color you chose. I love it so much. If I make another Ribby, it will be a clone of yours. :) Great job and thanks for the idea of the attached i-cord zipper band.

I love your Ribby cardi! It fits you great!



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